Tips For Fighting A Speeding Ticket

Most people just raise their hands in resignation when handed a traffic ticket. They pay the fine as fast as possible and move on. What if you know that you did not do anything wrong? Would you be willing to go the distance in order to set things right? Below are some tips for fighting an unfair speeding ticket:

Plead Your Case with the Officer

If an officer asks you to pull over, then you should comply right away. Be calm about it. Don’t argue or make any negative comments. Submit to the process and do as they say. Answer their questions in a polite tone, with respect to their uniform to build rapport. Ask them why you were caught for speeding. Note how they determined your guilt — subjective observation, specialized equipment, and so on. Explain your side of the story. Plead with them to let you go this time.

Check the Ticket for Technical Errors

If they pushed through with the ticket, then you will just have to fight it in court. Start by checking for any technical errors committed by the officer as this could lead to a dismissal. Are all of the details written on it correct? See the date and the time. Look at the make and model. If the information differs from the actual facts, then you could argue for a dismissal.

Gather Evidence and Testimonies

You will need to convince the judge that you did not commit the offense, or at least did not imperil others. Perhaps you were trying to avoid a bigger danger on the roads. Take pictures of the scene that would help you explain your side of the story. Take pictures of the officer’s perspective to show how they might have failed to see what you did. Request for the maintenance and calibration documents of the speed equipment used. Get the supporting testimonies of witnesses who have agreed to corroborate your statement.

Delay the Trial

It is possible to ask the clerk of court to reschedule the trial. Consider doing this to get more time to prepare for your case. This will also increase the chances that the officer will not make it to the hearing or forget about the pertinent details. A no-show can lead to a dismissal.

Hire a Traffic Lawyer

Consider hiring a seasoned traffic lawyer to help you build the case and talk to the judge. Legal training and years of experience allow them to see details that could be used to beat a speeding ticket. Even if you are guilty, they might be able to waive the fines and convince the court to opt for alternative punishment like a traffic seminar.