When Auto Insurance Won’t Cooperate with You

Insurance was put in place to reduce accident disputes and ensure that the public is financially protected against erring drivers. Every motorist is required to carry liability insurance such that any injuries or property damage he might cause will automatically be covered. However, this principle does not work as well as many would hope.

Insurance providers will often deny claims or make low offers. Dealing with insurance companies can be an exercise in frustration. Instead of providing help, they can just add to the stress of the victims. Here is what you can do when auto insurance won’t cooperate with you:

Get a Lawyer

Although you can file a claim with legal assistance, your lack of knowledge and experience in this process may work against you. You could say or do things that the company can exploit to reduce their payouts. You might not be aware of certain remedies that you can benefit from.

Before you agree to grossly low offers, consider hiring a car wreck lawyer in Alabama. Car wreck lawyers know exactly how insurers treat the victims who file claims. They can provide advice on how to push back and get a more reasonable amount, given the extent of the damage. They will guide you through all the obstacles that can follow.  

Provide Evidence

If the insurer denies your claim, then they should provide an explanation. The same is true for any offer that they might provide. If you are not happy with what you see, then answer them point by point. Provide counter-arguments to each of their reasons for the denial and back these all up with solid evidence. If you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that what you are saying is true, then they will have no choice but to revise their decision. For example, make sure that you have complete medical records related to the incident. It should be clear that the injuries sustained were due to the crash and not something else.

Stand Your Ground

Sometimes these insurers will make low offers just to see if the people will allow them to get away with it, saving them millions of dollars per year. Those who do not have a lawyer may be tempted to accept such offers if they think that they have no other choice. They might assume that the small amounts are enough to cover their needs, but these can quickly become inadequate given the rising cost of healthcare and long-term rehabilitation.

The truth is that there are still plenty of options. Stand your ground and fight for what you deserve. If the insurance company sees you fighting and making sound legal arguments, then they will know that their usual tactics will not work. It will be obvious that you have a lawyer helping you and this will make the insurer reassess their strategy.

Go to Court

Remember that insurance companies are not the only ones that can provide you with compensation. If the negotiations break down, then you can always go to the courts and file a civil lawsuit. The judge will hear your case and determine the right amount, given all the details. If you can present a strong case, then you are likely to get awarded with a much higher amount than any insurer will offer. It may take a lot longer to finish the process, but the rewards are surely greater as well. Sometimes this can be worth the wait and the effort.

Settlements are fast and easy, but they are also likely to result in disappointing amounts. Insurance companies will do everything to reduce their payouts and keep themselves profitable. Accident victims must weigh their options carefully and seek out other remedies, if necessary. The help of a lawyer will be invaluable in their fight for just compensation.

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