What Not to Say to the Police During a Traffic Stop

When you wind up getting pulled over, whether that be due to a routine traffic stop or because the police officer in question suspects you of breaking the law in some way, there are certain things that you simply shouldn’t say to the police officer.

It’s always important to act respectfully, no matter what your true feelings are towards law enforcement or the fact that you were pulled over in the first place. Stay safe, courteous and let the police officer do their job, and you can handle the rest afterwards. Continue reading to find out what four things you should never say to a police officer during a traffic stop.

“Don’t You Know Who I Am?”

Unless you are routinely recognized everywhere you go, chances are, the police officer pulling you over isn’t going to recognize you. Using your “fame” or professional reputation to get out of a traffic ticket or as leeway to get the officer to cut you some slack is truly in poor taste. Do yourself a favor and let the officer do their job- you can always fight the ticket or get help from an attorney if you’re charged with a crime.

“That Light Wasn’t Red, Officer”

It is highly unlikely that telling the officer that they are doing their job wrong will get you out of that red light violation. They pulled you over because they think you ran the red light, period. By insinuating that the cop was wrong, you’re increasing your chances of being treated with hostility or even having additional charges brought against you.

“No, I’m Not Taking a Breathalyzer”

If you don’t have a problem with your license being suspended or being arrested on the spot, then go ahead and refuse to take a breathalyzer. California follows implied consent laws which means that all drivers are technically giving their consent to take breath tests that will measure your blood alcohol levels when police suspect you of drunk driving. Take the breathalyzer, and let your attorney build your defense from there if you are arrested for a DUI.

“Yeah, You Can Search My Car”

You have the right to refuse to have the police search your vehicle. Unless they have probable cause to do so without a warrant, do not, under any circumstances, allow police to search your car. The last thing you need is for them to find an old wine bottle or something else that could result in further fines and/or charges.

Retain a Qualified Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been pulled over and arrested, and you aren’t sure where to turn, get help from an experienced Sacramento criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable about these California laws.

Your lawyer will do everything possible to build a powerful defense in your favor so that you can get out of being convicted of a serious crime or at the very least, have your charges and/or sentence reduced based on the circumstances of your case.

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