What Washington State Law Says About Dog Attacks

Being injured in an accident is never a fun experience, but it can be particularly traumatic when your injuries are caused by a dog attack. Some people are injured so badly that they fear dogs for the rest of their lives. If you’ve been hurt by another person’s dog you might be able to file a claim and receive damages for your losses.

If a dog attacks you then you’ll likely have great damages, such as medical costs, lost work wages, and pain and suffering. To file and win a case against the owner you will need to prove that the dog caused your injury and that you weren’t responsible in any way. Read on for more information on Washington’s dog attack laws.

What are the Laws Related to Dog Attacks in Washington?

In Washington, dog owners are responsible for all injuries that their dogs cause. This is known as strict liability. If you are injured by a dog, whether it was a bite or other type of injury, you can be compensated by filing an injury claim against the owner.

A dog can hurt you in more ways than just bites. For instance, when a dog jumps on you, you might fall to the ground and strike your head. The dog’s owner is liable for all injuries.

There are only two real defenses a dog owner can use: trespassing or provocation. If you trespassed and were attacked you may not be able to get compensation. If you provoked the dog then you won’t be able to get compensated.

It’s important that you show that you didn’t provoke the dog in any way and that you weren’t trespassing. You will also need to file your case within the designated time frame of three years in Washington.

What are the Types of Damages You Can Add to Your Washington Dog Attack Case?

You deserve to receive full compensation for your dog bite or attack injuries. Here are some of the types of damages you can add to a dog attack claim:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost work wages
  • Mental anguish
  • Mental health treatment
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Loss of life happiness
  • Permanent injury/disability
  • Scarring/disfigurement

Have You Been Injured by a Dog in the State of Washington?

Dog attack injuries can be very serious and you will need to be compensated to pay for your losses. Filing and winning a case requires proving fault and calculating your losses. You might want to hire a Seattle personal injury attorney for help with your case. Injury lawyers know the dog attack laws and can help you get the most out of your case.

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