Reasons Why Your SSD Claim Might Have Been Denied

Disability benefits can go a long way toward helping you stay afloat financially after an injury or illness. However, even the smallest mistakes on your application can lead to a denial of your claim, even if you rightfully qualify for benefits. If you just received a letter of denial from the SSA, here are the possible reasons why your SSD claim might have been denied.

Your Disability is Not Severe Enough

The general rule is that the disability suffered should last for 12  months or result in death. This applies to all applicants except to those who are blind. Non-life threatening traumatic injuries, such as minor bone fractures, for example, are denied because they can heal in less than 12 months. The SSA evaluates claims on a case-to-case basis to see if an injury and resulting disability lasts for 12 months, so ensure that your disability falls under this category.

Your Contact Information is Not Up-to-Date

You must maintain regular contact with the agency involved with your application. Make sure that the SSA has your contact information on file, so you can be reached for examination schedules and other notifications regarding your application. Update your information if you move, so that you eliminate any chance of your application being denied because you couldn’t be reached.

You Fail to Follow the Prescribed Therapies

Failure to follow prescribed doctor’s orders when you are able to do so can be grounds to reject your application. However, the law does set certain guidelines for acceptable medical and non-medical excuses as to why you failed to follow prescribed therapies, such as mental illness, physical inability to follow therapy, lack of money to pay for medications, and religious beliefs. If you failed to follow doctor’s orders, make sure that you have an acceptable reason for doing so.


Any misrepresentation or dishonesty in the course of the application can ruin your chances of receiving benefits. The same applies if you obtained benefits through the commission of fraud by someone working for the SSA.

An SSD denial does not mean that you are not disabled and therefore not entitled to benefits. Look at your application to see if it contains all the evidence you need to prove that you are entitled to benefits and start the appeals process right away. You can do this with the help of an experienced Boston Social Security Disability lawyer who can walk you through the process of crafting an application that will cover all the bases so you have a greater chance of succeeding on appeal.

Don’t give up on seeking the benefits you deserve. Contact your SSD lawyer today.

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