Understanding New York’s Driving Points System

When you’re accused of violating traffic law behind the wheel, it could mean trouble for you. You know this infraction will go on your record, and you’ll face fines. Beyond that, though, what’s the point of fighting back against your traffic ticket, especially if it’s your first one?

While a traffic ticket may not seem serious, it can create devastating results in the future, if you don’t take care. The points system can hurt you if you don’t act now. If you’re concerned about the effects of a traffic ticket on your future, act now to avoid those consequences and keep those points off your license.

What is the Points System?

What’s the big deal about a couple of points, though? You might only receive two or three points for your violation, so it might seem easiest to plead guilty and forget about the incident. However, that can harm you.

The New York driving points system adds points to your license every time you’re found guilty of a traffic violation. The amount of points you’ll receive will depend on the severity of your case. Cell phone violations, for example, are worth five points in most cases, and if you’re caught speeding, the points will generally range from three to eleven points, depending on your speed.

These points add up over an 18-month period before they’ll no longer affect you. That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t have consequences that will affect your life.

Consequences of Your Points

If you’re charged with multiple violations over that 18-month period, the consequences will add up, and they can hurt you. While three points on your license might not seem like much, it would take only two cell phone violations to put you into more serious territory.

When you hit eleven points on your license within a single 18-month period, and you don’t fight back, your license will be suspended. That means you cannot drive yourself for some time, leaving you to rely on family and friends or public transportation. That just adds to your growing expenses.

However, that makes it tough to recover, especially when you’re already dealing with the fines and penalties of a ticket. As such, you must prepare to defend yourself and avoid those points on your license.

Fight Back before You Get Points

When you’re pulled over, it can set you back with a serious fine at best. At worst, you could face a license suspension and the consequences of that. So, you must get a speeding ticket lawyer in NYC, or a lawyer who can help you with your unique claim.

After you’ve received a traffic ticket, you don’t have to just take the consequences. Instead, you can get the help you need to fight back and protect yourself from a traffic violation. So, reach out today for the help you need to deal with a ticket. If you don’t focus on the points system, the consequences can get expensive.

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