Fight Tickets Due To Erroneous Red Light Cameras

The nature of intersections makes then prime spots for collisions to occur. Signaling systems are put in place to prevent this from happening. In an ideal world, motorists will stop when they see red, be alert when they see yellow, and go when they see green. The real world is sadly filled with incidents wherein people inadvertently or purposely ignore these signs. Two vehicles from different directions can simultaneously cross the street leading to a crash. It’s more common that it should be and casualties have piled up. The installation of NYC red light camera units all over the city was done to lower the accidents and casualties.



The Red Light Running Camera

There many forms of technology now being used in traffic enforcement. They help supervise sensitive areas 24/7 and relieve some of the burdens of the police force. Instead of deploying cops to observe violations all day, precious man-hours are allotted to more pressing issues that would make better use of their talents. Red light cameras are typically installed in the busiest intersections which have a history of producing high crash rates. They record what they see in an archive with a special program going over the frames to check if any violation has been committed.

Not a Perfect System


The red light camera software is does not have the final say in these matters. It is recognized that the algorithm may sometimes falsely tag an incident as a violation. The system is not perfect and so all of the suspected cases are sent to a expert for review. He or she will watch all the videos to confirm the findings. Only after this verification will the matter become official with a ticket printed to be sent to the motorist. Once received through the mail, the accused may either admit guilt and pay the fine or maintain innocence and fight the ticket.

Get a NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer

One of the most effective tools in this fight will be a seasoned lawyer who has a good track record in winning this type of case. Erroneous traffic tickets are so common in the city that a lot of legal minds are being brought into the courts to deal with them. Many have seen it fit to specialize in this area. The fines imposed are definitely not trivial with a large number reaching several thousands of dollars. Residents are also unhappy when they are tagged in such incidents despite being innocent of the accusations. They feel that it is their duty to push back to improve the system.

Attend a Public Hearing

If you decide to plead not guilty, then a public hearing will be scheduled to decide your case. A special court has been set up to deal exclusively with traffic violations such as this. You have the option to drop by earlier than your appointed hour to see what happens in such proceedings. Take this as a chance to see how it all works so that you will no longer be surprised when you come to your own hearing. Pay attention everything that is being said. Perhaps the case is similar to yours. Take notes that you can use in planning your own strategy.

Gather Evidence and Witnesses

It is important to counter the video evidence that will be presented by the prosecution. If you have any evidence that can invalidate their claims, then gather them and present them in court. You may also use the video itself. Point out the inconsistencies of the accuser. Plant reasonable doubts in the mind of the judge to get a favorable outcome. The reviewing officer is likely to testify as well. Your lawyer should do a thorough cross-examination to highlight possible holes in the reasoning. You can also put your own witnesses on the stand to support your claims. These can be eye witnesses or expert witnesses.

Come Prepared to the Hearings

Get as ready as you can possibly be for these hearings then go out there with confidence. You can go without a lawyer but having one is a big boost to your case. He or she will be able to coach you on what you should say and do during the process. Your witnesses will be briefed on how to conduct themselves as well. Should the lawyer on the other side have questions, you will not be rattled because you are already expecting them and know exactly how you should respond. Trust the plan and execute on the day itself.

In case things go awry, you can always ask for a postponement of the scheduled hearing. Just be sure to do this well ahead of time so that it can be granted without any hassles. Be aware that the second time you make the same request onward, things will not be as easy as the first time. You will have to make a personal appearance and justify your request to the court officials. There are a lot of pending cases in the city so they do not like to waste time or resources.

Final Words

In summary, you are not helpless against red light violations. Fight erroneous accusations in court with the help of a  traffic ticket lawyer. Simply plead not guilty to the charge and attend your hearing as scheduled. Your lawyer will hear your side of the story and prepare a solid defense to prove your innocence.